Outdoor Cinema

Everybody loves a good drama whatever the season. Our French movie this month is about a teenage Ibrahim who lands his father in unexpected debt, he resolves to do whatever it takes to make amends and gain his father’s respect, which gets him involved in a dodgy robbery scheme.

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Feta De la Musique

Music lovers are in for a treat! This month we will be celebrating Fête de la Musique, also known in English as Music Day or World Music Day, an annual music celebration.

For more info call us on our number 2404 3667 or drop us an email at


Regular, local artists from the Kingdom get a chance to showcase thier creations on the premises of Alliance Française de Mbabane. 


We also organize cooking workshops for you to learn how to prepare delious French specialties. We also have wine tasting events, where you can buy a bottle. 


Every Year in March, Francophone culture are celebrated across the world. The week long festival is open to all with art, dance, music and much much more on the program.

The Francophonie Culture festival celebrates the diversity and richness of the French language and Francophone communities around the world through a series of cultural events.